Robotic Course

Calling all young inventors and robot enthusiasts! This robotics course is designed to spark your child's creativity, problem-solving skills, and passion for STEM fields through the exciting world of robotics. It is ideal for children between the ages of 8 to 18 years old.

Age 8 - 12

  • Level 1
    Robot Kits
    • Two Wheels Robot
  • Level 2
    • (Level I, II, III)

Age 13 - 18

  • Level 3
    Micro Python
    • (Level I, II, III)
  • Level 4
    • ESP32, Cloud
  • Level 5
    PCB Design
    • Raspberry Pi Pico
    • ESP32
  • No experience required for the beginner course.
  • Each course is 20 weeks long, 3 hours per week.For beginner must start from Robot Kits course before get into the next level.
  • 8 years old student or less than 12 must complete Microbit level before going to the MicroPython course.
  • Student who is 13 years old or upper can start with MicroPython level.

Software Development Course

Software development course delves into the foundational knowledge and skills required to build web applications from the front-end user interface to the back-end data processing and storage

High School Level Up

  • Level 1

    Basic Web Development (HTML & CSS)

    This course provides a foundational understanding of web development principles and equips you with the skills to build static web pages using HTML and CSS

    Prerequisite : Computer literacy and English

  • Level 2

    Web Development Front End 1 (HTML, CSS, Basic JS)

    This course delves deeper into the world of front-end web development, building upon the foundation of HTML and CSS and introducing the fundamentals of JavaScript

    Prerequisite : Computer literacy, English, Basic HTML, and CSS

  • Level 3

    Web Development Front End 2 (HTML, CSS, Advanced JS)

    Building upon the foundation established in Web Development Front End 1 (HTML, CSS, Basic JS), this course takes you further into the realm of front-end web development, focusing on advanced HTML, CSS, and JavaScript concepts

    Prerequisite : Basic HTML, CSS, and Basic Programming

  • Level 4

    Web Development Front End 3 (Material UI & NextJS)

    This course plunges you into the dynamic and in-demand world of modern front-end development, focusing on two powerful tools: Material UI and Next.js

    Prerequisite : HTML, CSS, JavaScript/ReactJs

  • Level 5

    Web Development Back End 1 (Firebase)

    This course introduces you to the world of back-end development using Firebase, a popular Google-backed platform for building and scaling web and mobile applications

    Prerequisite : Knowlage of JavaScript(ReactJs/NextJS)

  • Level 6

    Web Development Back End 2 (NodeJs RestAPI)

    This course builds upon your back-end development foundation by delving into Node.js and the creation of RESTful APIs.

    Prerequisite : Knowlage of JavaScript(ReactJs/NextJS)

  • Level 7

    Web Development Back End 3 (GraphQL)

    This course plunges you into the captivating world of GraphQL, an innovative query language and runtime that's transforming the way APIs are built and consumed

    Prerequisite : Knowlage of JavaScript(ReactJs/NextJS and RestAPI)

Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp Course

Our program begins with web development essentials and leads you through front-end, back-end, and cloud computing technology. We cover essential global technologies recognized by top universities, aligning with standards set by top giant tech companies such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. Your path to becoming a skilled full-stack developer is clear, comprehensive, and confident.

check mark
Average Class Size
12 - 15 students per class
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18 and older (high school graduates or university students)
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Earn a Certificate when completed course.
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Full Time Course
Full-Stack Web Developments
  • check markProject Discovery & Idea to Market
  • check markUI/UX Design & Project Management
  • check markWeb Development Front End
  • check markTesting
  • check markWeb Development Back End
  • check markCI/CD, Docker, & IaC
  • check markKubernetes & Deployment to AWS Ecosystem

Data Analytics Course

Data Analytics is an intensive training program designed to equip participants with the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel in the field of data analytics. Through hands-on projects and practical learning, participants learn to manipulate and analyze large datasets, use programming languages like Python and R, understand statistical concepts, create data visualizations, and apply machine learning algorithms for predictive modeling. The course also covers database management and querying using SQL, preparing participants for real-world data analytics challenges.

  1. Module 1

    Python, SQL and Spreadsheet for Data Analytics

    • Spreadsheet: Introduce user-friendly tools for data preprocessing and basic analysis.
    • Python: Provide a comprehensive understanding of Python for advanced data manipulation, statistical analysis, and machine learning.
    • SQL: Develop proficiency in SQL for efficient data extraction, transformation, and management within the scope of data analytics
  2. Module 2

    Data Visualization with Python and Power BI

    • Master data visualization using Python libraries such as Matplotlib and Seaborn.
    • Acquire proficiency in creating interactive and impactful visualizations with Power BI.
    • Enhance communication and decision-making through effective data representation.
  3. Module 3

    Exploratory Data Analysis

    • Develop skills in Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) techniques.
    • Learn to uncover patterns, trends, and anomalies within datasets.
    • Gain proficiency in using statistical and visual methods to extract meaningful insights from data.
  4. Module 4

    Machine Learning

    • Understand fundamental concepts and algorithms in machine learning.
    • Acquire hands-on experience in building and evaluating machine learning models.
    • Apply machine learning techniques to solve real-world problems and make data-driven predictions.