Our People

We are a team of passionate people. We love STEM. We believe in computer science. We love sharing our knowledge with our students. We aspire to make a difference.

Piseth Leng


Piseth loves STEM since he was a kid. Growing up, his favorite subject was Mathematics. Through hard work, he passed the college entrance exam on a full scholarship to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics at the Royal University of Phnom Penh. To challenge himself further, a year later he also obtained a full scholarship to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Economics at the Royal University of Law and Economics.

Soon after graduation, he made a big leap in life and decided to pursue an MBA in the United States. Then he went on to start a career in one of the largest commercial banks in California. Over the years, he moved up the ranks to become a Vice President and specializes in financing technology companies.

Through his work and through living in Silicon Valley which is the technology hub of the United States, he came to believe strongly that STEM is the future of the world, and more importantly the future to which Cambodia should be headed. He believes that computer science is a critical part of STEM and too many Cambodian children lack the opportunity to learn and enjoy it at a young age.

Then and there, he realized his mission which is to bring the American quality of education to Cambodia. An education that focuses on computer science fundamentals straight from the top technology hub of United States. His vision is to see Cambodian children realize their full potential and become tomorrow’s leaders.   

Piseth lives in San Francisco bay area with his wife and two young sons. He enjoys traveling to Cambodia and bringing with him the latest and greatest ways of educating computer science to Cambodian children.

Sareuon Soum

Co-Founder and Director

Sareuon is a computer engineer by training. Currently, he is Vice President of Platform at MangoMap, a Software as a Service company specializing in interactive web maps serving clients around the world. Sareuon leads the software development team and has over a decade of experience in Ruby on Rail and JavaScript programming.

Sareuon earned a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the Royal University of Phnom Penh, both on full scholarships.  

Sareuon lives in Phnom Penh with his wife, son, and daughter. He is in charge of the daily operations of the school. In his free time, he enjoys playing soccer (a huge fan of the Cambodia’s soccer national team) and biking.

Our ‘Coaches’

Our teachers, we call them coaches. Because they act as a coach rather than a teacher. They don’t tell the students what to do. Rather, they help the students figure things out.  The class is for the students. So the students will do most of the work and gain the most benefits. The coaches are just there to guide, facilitate, and coach. Each coach will be responsible for 8 students or less allowing for personalized and attentive learning.

We want to provide high quality education. So we pick our coaches carefully. Our coaches are professionally trained in computer science. More importantly, they love to teach, and are fun to be with.

Email me: sabaicode@gmail.com

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