Our Story

We founded the company because we saw a huge mismatch between where the future is going and where our Cambodian children are headed. The world is in growing needs for people with high creativity, problem solving and leadership skills. These skills are embedded in the field of computer science. Cambodia is way behind. So SabaiCode was born.

Our goal is not to produce future computer scientists (although we would not be surprised if it happens). Our goal is to introduce computer science fundamentals to students at a young age. So that they do not grow up intimidated by computer science field. So that our girls do not think that computer science is just for boys. So that our kids know that learning computer science can be fun. So that they will become creators, and not just users of technology. And so that they grow creativity, problem solving ability and mental toughness at a young age.

We know we have ambitious goals. But trust us, together we can achieve them.

We make it fun to learn. Each of our teacher (coach) will take care of only 8 students or less. So the learning is personalized and engaging.


To develop the next generation of Cambodian leaders in technology and innovation, whose goals are to make an enormous impact on society at large


To empower every Cambodian child with transformative knowledge and cutting edge technologies so that they can reach their full potential and take Cambodia to the next level

Core Values in Our School

Develop a can-do attitude. Anything is possible. Human potential is nearly limitless. Always have a growth mindset.

Understand that nothing major can be achieved alone. We need help from others. Learn to work well in team. Learn to lead.

Feel safe trying something new. Not afraid to fail. Have fun.

Be ambitious. Be confident. Be kind.

Never stop improving. Never satisfied with the status quo. Never give up. Have mental toughness.

Build self-esteem around finding the right answers; not on being right.

Become a creator. Become an entrepreneur. Become an inspiration.

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